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How to Grow Your Own Potato Plant In a Container

posted in Homesteading | on May 6, 2018 | by Ashley

This year, as a part of our adventures in homesteading, we planted a container veggie garden! We decided to plant everything in containers for two reasons: 1) we’re veggie gardening newbies and wanted to test the waters in…

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4 Disc Golf Practice Tips to Lower Your Scores

posted in In the Wild | on April 29, 2018 | by Adam

If you’ve ever played a sport, you most likely play it because you enjoy it. It’s the thrill of making that perfect shot and the satisfaction of beating the buddies you play with. However, when you’re just learning…

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The Most Rewarding Way to Approach Wellness

posted in Wellness | on April 22, 2018 | by Ashley

I love how the National Wellness Institute defines wellness: “Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence”. Some people might say that a more successful existence is…

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Starting a Compost Pile for a Healthier Garden – Part 2

posted in Homesteading | on April 15, 2018 | by Adam

Now that the snow is gone for good this year (hopefully anyway…), I was finally able to get our compost bin built and set-up! In the first part of this two part series, I talked about some of…

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Money Saving Tips From a Nonconformist

posted in Perspectives | on April 8, 2018 | by Ashley

Can we talk about money for a minute and how much it sucks? Seriously. It’s pretty much the root of all evil. How much easier would it be to just pay for stuff with stuff? Like hey, I’d…

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